Winter Pea Rounders mix is an excellent early and late season forage designed to boost your attraction, production, and palatability.  High in sugars and extremely cold tolerant.  We included jerry oats to act as a nurse crop for the winter peas as well as add to your forage tonnage.  The daikon radish will give you the perfect late season nibble and the Barsica Forage Rapeseed is quick dense green that has regrowth throughout the season.

  • Austrian Winter Pea
  • Spring Oats
  • Taproot Daikon Radish
  • Barsica Forage Rapeseed
Winter Pea Rounders seeds at 11 lbs per 1/4 acre.  Your will increase the stand if you can drill these in.  If broadcasting, make sure to clear as much debris and rake the seed into the soil.  The more seed to soil contact with the peas, the more germination you will get.