Dutch White Clover


Dutch White Clover is one of the best food sources for deer.  It's packed with nutrition, low maintenance, and a perfect high protein source. They flower more profusely than the larger types (see Ladino White Clover). This clover is more heat tolerant and are included in most of the economically important varieties.

The Color Up Coating has clover specific inoculant in the coating to ensure best germination and plant health.

Seeding & Growth

Drilled: 6 lb/A, 1/4" to 1/2" deep
Broadcast: 8 lb/A
In a mix: 2-3 lb/A

Dates: At least six weeks before average first frost in fall. You can also frost seed in the spring.

Avg seeds/lb: 794,500
Emergence: 10 days
Height: 3"-14"
Drought and Heat: Poor drought tolerance, Good heat tolerance
Flooding: Very good tolerance for flooding