Daikon Radish


Do you want to draw them out year after year? 

Always add Daikon Radish.  Producing an nutrient rich tuber with deep green munchy foliage, this forage radish is extremely high in protein, both tuber and foliage.  It has a high energy value as deer head into the challenging period of winter.  Steeped in vitamin C, strong digestible fiber and important trace minerals like manganese, boron and zinc.

In addition, Daikon Radishes are easy to manage late season due to the radish winter killing after 3-4 nights in the mid teens or mid twenties depending on the radish you purchase.

Seeding & Growth

Drilled: 6 lb/A, 1/4" to 1/2" deep
Broadcast: 8 lb/A
In a Mix: 2-3 lb/A

Dates: 3-10 weeks before average first frost

Avg seeds/lb: 25,000
Emergence: 3-5 days
Height: 12"-18"
Drought and Heat: Good heat and drought tolerance
Flooding: Does not tolerate flooding or ponding