Winter Peas


Austrian WInter Peas are a favorite of whitetail deer and will make a great food plot or addition to any mixture planted in the fall. These are fast growing peas that will attract deer and are a favorite for bow hunting. Austrian WInter Peas are a vine-like, cool season annual legume with stems growing two to four feet long, producing nitrogen in the soil with their root nodules. These peas are a great soil rebuilder on a rotational basis as a green manure crop. High cold tolerance, may not tolerate extreme temperature fluctuations or severe winters when the small pea plants are exposed to long periods of sub-zero weather.

Seeding & Growth

40-50 lb per acre, 1" to 1/2" deep

Dates: Aug. to Oct., early enough so plants are 6-8" tall before soil freezes, because peas are shallow rooted and susceptible to heaving. Frost seeding in early spring

Avg seeds/lb: 1,800-4,000
Emergence: 9 days
Height: 2'-4'
Drought and Heat: Low drought and heat tolerance
Flooding: Does not tolerate flooding or ponding