Barkant Forage Turnip


Barkant Forage Turnip is a truly improved forage turnip variety. Bred for leaf production, it out paces any other brassica for bulb yield and foliage production. The leaves dense green leaves and high sugar bulb will be sought after in any mix you toss it in.  A high sugar content provides winter-hardiness and increased palatability.

Seeding & Growth

Drilled: 6 lb/A, 1/4" to 1/2" deep
Broadcast: 8 lb/A
In a Mix: 2-3 lb/A

Dates: Anytime after last threat if spring frost, Seed 6-10 weeks before avg first frost

Avg seeds/lb: 149,800
Emergence: 4-8 days
Height: 6"-12"
Drought and Heat: Fair heat and low drought tolerance
Flooding: Does not tolerate flooding or ponding